Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a conversation with my higher self

Sometimes when I am struggling with an odd or uncomfortable feeling or emotion, I need to sit down and have a conversation with myself. I always thought that the answers I found in these moments miraculously came from within me, but now I see that it is all coming through me, as I align myself with the One Universal Mind. It makes much more sense to me now, to understand that all of this wisdom I somehow just happened to have came from my all-knowing, higher self, and from my angels.

This morning I needed a little guidance, so I opened up my journal and put pen to paper. The message that came out is something that I have learned many times before, but seemed to have forgotten. It's funny, though, because this message was written with my hand but it felt like it was being directed to me,, and yet, from something greater. My higher self. When I clear my mind, all the answers I need are available to me as long as I ask for them and quietly listen. And I think that writing is one of my clearest channels for receiving these messages. Here is the message I received today.

Most importantly: accept what you feel, and accept yourself for feeling it. Do not judge yourself. Emotions happen; they are fluid and ever-changing, always in motion. Rejecting them creates dissonance and fear because it alienates you from yourself and your experience. Instead, lovingly look the emotion in the eye and ask what it has come to teach you. Learn to love each and every emotion you experience, because it will likely return to you again sometime, and it is better to flow through it and see its blessings and lessons than to force it to leave and fear its return.

Approach your emotions and your weeds with love and curiosity, and without judgment; without getting attached or worrying that they are permanent. Trust in the process of life and know that all is well. Bask in the perfect love that is you, right now.

One perfect love in every moment.
Om shanti*~

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