Friday, April 9, 2010

be like water

life happens. sometimes when i can feel my buzzy-high-i'm-so-full-of-love-i-don't-even-need-to-eat transforming into i'm-a-bit-lost-and-i'm-not-sure-what's-going-on, i get clingy. sometimes i am afraid to let go of the high, because i'm afraid of some of the patterns of my past, or maybe because i am afraid that letting go means saying good-bye rather than see you later. but when i take a moment to sit back, rise above and observe my thoughts and my life, i remember how many times i've told myself that i can trust the process of life. it's okay. everything is in perfect, divine order.

furthermore, i also believe that the spiritual path is not all sunshine and roses, but, if anything, it is about being authentic. i am human. i make mistakes, i make judgments sometimes, and i can be a perfectionist and quite hard on myself from time to time. with mindfulness, i have learned to observe myself from an objective place where i've caught many little blunders in thinking; too much thinking often being the greatest of them all. but guilt has no place here - because i know that catching myself in these moments is just another opportunity to be more loving, accepting, and true to my highest self. it's not the error in thinking or feeling, but what we do with it that matters. i am learning to be okay with falling down; seeing it as an opportunity to love myself even more, to experience unconditional self-love, to create even more space for compassion and empathy in my heart.

"...and when i feel like this, i still love me."

please enjoy this poem i found today...

Be like water,
elusive to the grasping touch,
persistently gentle
in eroding the unyielding,
flexible in entering
where nothing solid can block
its curious searching,

So mutably soft,
safe from harm
or being destroyed
in simply changing form
and returning again,
overcoming the hard,

Steady drip, drip, drip
of resolute kindness
becoming a large lake of serenity,
a reservoir
where evil cannot enter,

Be like water,
flowing everywhere,
gushing, sometimes shooting,
aerated, slippery, and pure,
containing a message of spiritual reverence
nourishing thirsty souls
with regenerating sustenance,
even in the midst
of world-wide sorrow,

Be like water,
with strength
so like the Tao,
you get it
by relaxing into the river,
and letting go.

-Gordon Neumann

Many blessings to you*~
In Lak'ech ~ I am another you.

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