Sunday, January 17, 2010


Spirit in motion,
those meddling hands
have rearranged the pieces,
and I can’t understand

why things are changing,
which way I should go
it all felt so perfect,
but now I don’t know

where my path leads me,
for something has changed
now the idea of us, together
feels strange

Perhaps it’s my ego,
could that be the cause?
Or is it just my habit,
to find myself flawed?

I need to stop repressing
and honour how I feel
resistance and denial, I know
won’t change what’s real

so spirit whispers in my ear,
that I must speak my truth,
with no attachment to outcome
so I speak, unattached and aloof

see, part of me is still with you
but part has gone astray
‘part‘ is not enough for us, though
‘part’ is not okay

we must bid farewell that heart-held dream
and go on our own separate ways
reminded, again, that nothing is permanent
yet crying for love that stays

I know that I must seem distant and callous,
but it’s not compassion I lack
it hurts so much that when you most need me
I can’t help from turning my back

I cry when I cradle your feelings
but I know they don’t change what is real
in time I know we will understand,
in time, I know we will heal

for now, though, I let the pain fill me up
open my heart, let it out, and rest
despite the pain, I know following my heart
for both of us, is best.

I’ll never regret that we fell so hard
into love with our souls shining bright
I am grateful for love, whether it comes to visit
for a season, a reason, or a night.