Tuesday, January 6, 2009

note to self:






many of us have an easier time welcoming misery into our lives than welcoming joy. what if it is a choice? maybe happiness is so difficult to hold on to because it is so simple: it just requires letting go of all the criticisms, the self-absorbed tendencies to pick-and-prod at every little thing we do not like about ourselves. it's time to reject the quick-fix prescriptions of a culture which trains us first to believe that we are flawed, and second to believe that we can buy the various solutions to fix ourselves up. madness!!!
so: i have been trying to replace my old patterns with newer, healthier ones. following this course of thought, every time i feel upset about something that is "wrong" with me, i want to first accept this thought as a thought, and then shift my attention towards something for which i am grateful. today, i am grateful for my toes. all ten digits, and the balancing they provide for me every-single-day. i promise i will think of you every time i stand in natarajasana or virabhadrasana III, and i will try not to paint you in the winter months so that your nails do not fall off.
this entry is dedicated to my toes: my favourite balancing partners.
Life is an illusion. Manifest your own reality.

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