Thursday, December 11, 2008

you are what you eat.

today while i was eating some yummy brussel sprouts i stopped to remind myself to slowly enjoy the meal...which lead me to examine the contours and layers of those little green cabbages.

i am growing to appreciate the value of mindfulness in my everyday life, as each moment where i pause to be aware of my surroundings brings a joyful appreciation of beauty in those earthly phenomena often perceived as mundane and ordinary.

with vegetables, i like to imagine the history of their growth and travels, from seed in the dirt to sprout to being and then the hands that lifted these little creations from the soil. where does our food come from? who brings it to us? what happens once we chew it up and it enters our bodies?...and how are these bits and snippets from the earth a part of us?

do you feel good about what you eat?

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