Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bare naked heart

my heart aches to know its own magic;
to send with each exhale a song of the moment.

a celebration of every experience,
that knows no judgment
but rejoices in the pure beauty
of knowing new faces of life.

intimately, and deeply, i embrace each experience.
like a summertime romance that is fleeting but deep
an imprint with depth due not to time spent,
but love shared and magic made.

oh, come join me, let's take down our walls.
so truth can flow between us, its clear resonance sung, and heard, and held.
and we sigh and relax with relief at the sound of this music we all so long to hear
simply named: authenticity.

there is nothing of which to be afraid, for we are eternally held
cocooned by the grace and love of one spirit that lives and breathes in us all.
just look in my eyes and you'll see i'm sincere, you'll know that i know it's true:
there's nothing you could ever think, say, or do, that could keep Spirit from loving YOU.

feeling this love inside me,
i look back on my past selves with deep compassion.
all the effort and worrying i put into making the "right" choices, and pleasing those around me
thinking that love had to be earned and could just as easily be taken away.
but now that i know i am cradled in a deep embrace of complete unconditional love,
all i keep thinking is: I have sooooooo much fun and mistake-making to catch up on!

so i've let down my locks and dropped my defenses
the sign on my door has been tossed.
my heart is wide open, my shoes kicked away
and rain or shine,
i'm gonna DANCE.

(dance with me!)


Liz and Tom said...

*~Becca*~, Wow! Thank you for writing that. I can feel your spirit through your words. It makes me feel the oneness of us all and the beauty that comes from unconditional love. You have touch my bare naked heart*** YOU are Beautiful*~ *Be{ka} grace~*

becca.moon said...

Thanks so much Rebekkah!
It is so freeing for me to be able to share what's in my heart - whether it's joy, ecstasy, pain, vulnerability, sadness, anything. I find that when I really come from a genuine and honest place that it opens other people's hearts too. It seems very innate to us all to respond to a call for love, because our hearts all seem to understand and respond to the language of honesty and vulnerability. in our hearts we are all truly one, and that's where i wish to meet everyone. <3