Wednesday, February 9, 2011


what does a butterfly feel in her cocoon in those final moments before she emerges?

for right now, i fancy that i am like a butterfly, still in my cocoon. but it is no longer serving me, and i can feel that my spirit has grown much too big to be encased in the confines of my old self.

in merciful surrender, i look upon and lift up all the circular patterns of pain, fear and woundedness that once shaped and defined my reality, and i let them go. oh, how small i have been kept by those patterns, feeling scared, separated, isolated, alone.

in my yearning to be free of them i now see them clearly as an illusory protective encasing that did nothing but keep me from flying freely in the winds of love. no longer, though, for this cocoon has become unbearable and is soon about to burst. my commitment to healing moves me through its walls, and fully transformed - i will emerge.

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All smiles said...

You are so beautiful and wonderful, thank you for your amazing words!