Wednesday, May 5, 2010


i've collected books and stories
stepped in footprints of those before me
i've groped in the corners of paths
taken by others on their quests

but the language was foreign,
the way was poorly lit
and i wondered perhaps,
if i would ever find it

my answer, the teacher
who speaks to my soul
who answers my questions
who makes me feel whole

discouraged, i stopped
for a much-needed rest
but like any true seeker,
i kept giving my best

and finally after searching
in the trees and the sand
the most beautiful lotus bloomed
in the palm of my hand

and i knew, in my heart
of all the places i'd been
that the teacher i'd been searching for
was dwelling within.

she illumined my path
a few steps at a time
and i knew with her guidance
that i would be fine

for i found in my heartbeat
my very own song:
a whole universe within me
had been there all along.