Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i am love

i love my walks in calloused bare feet. skipping, meandering, greeting trees, twirling, stopping for spontaneous asanas. tiptoe-ing about the gravel,sighing in gratitude and relief when the gravel path turns to dark, flat, smooth dirt
and her cool, soft earth-love hugs my feet and toes. i feel her energy rise up through me to my soul star; a soft caress that says I Love You over and over again.
she knows my name, and i know hers too...mama earth.

although she will meet me anywhere,i have a favourite meeting place. it is nestled behind the street where my home is, where i have lived for 23 years. my roots are deep here, and in this place, the trees, plants, and I need no introduction. sometimes i plant small pink rose quartz crystals in the earth at the foot of the tree who gave me a much-needed hug, or a piece of chocolate in a discrete place where only the fairies can find it. yes, i am of the earth. this sacred remembrance is no longer just a memory, but a present reality that really is a gift.

and just as much as i walk the dirt trails of the forest, i also walk the path to understanding. it is not unlike the paths in the forest. rough, hilly, unpleasant at times. then suddenly, relieving, loving, calming, soft, gentle...for a while. yes... every time i think i've got it all figured out, the universe picks me up, turns me upside down and shakes me, all the pieces coming apart and falling to the ground in a disarray. when it happened over and over again, i began to wonder... perhaps the lesson is not to make sense of it all, but to realize that i know nothing. except, maybe, that i am love. i am loved. i love.

because in those moments when nothing seems to make sense, i run in tears to my mama. earth mama, that is. if nothing else, i know she loves me, that she is always there, and that in her love i can be both lost, and found too. for losing myself in her arms means becoming love. being one with love. and the sacred remembrance is reignited: love is all i am, love is all there is, love is all there ever will be.

so my loves, my message to you is: enjoy being lost. it means you are one step closer to being found.


"Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God."
-A Course in Miracles


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