Friday, May 8, 2009

things that make me smiley and twinkley-eyed

in the spirit of gratitude, i plan to begin my days with a meditative appreciation of the little things that make me happy.

in honour of a lovely friend-soul that just passed away two days ago, *miss beth* i have vowed to use my energy to focus on the gifts and sunshine in my life.

1. my friend will's beautiful music. check it:

2. people like will who remind us that we are free, connected, beautiful, and here to love each other.

3. kombucha. being slightly afraid of the little kombucha organism bobbing around in the tea, and then swallowing it anyways! :O

4. my little amethyst friends who hang out in my bedroom and keep everything fresh and clear. and all my other little crystal children too!

5. dirty bare feet.

*love & light*

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